Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Ten Best Devotional Songs

Every morning when you get up u want to hear something good. Which is nice to your ear, body and soul. So that you can lead for a better day ahead. The best thing can be music and if it is devotional then that adds more charm to it. Any work which needs your hundred percent, try doing in the early hours of the day. And you definitely can do a lot better.

Well here I am listing my 10 best Devotional Songs from Movies (exception to few). They are being composed by well known musician from Kalyan ji Anand Ji to A R Rahman. The lyrics are being written from legendary poet from Pradeep to Javed Akhtar . If you like these songs you can go to any sites (, to name a few) offering on-line songs and create your own album.

1: Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data....

Album/Film: Ankush
Year: 1986
Singer: Pushpa Pagdhare and Sushma Shresth
Lyrics: Abhilash
Music: Kuldip Singh
The best part of this song is that it gives you a lot of inspiration when you are depressed/down. Just try it and you will love it.

2: O Palanhare, nirgun aur nyare....

Album/Film: Lagaan
Year: 2000
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Music: A R Rahman
A soothing melody from A R Rahman, is so nice to hear that you feel your heart filling with devotional thoughts and your becoming pure, you are nearing your god.

3: Om Jai Jagdish Hare....

Album/Film: Purab aur Pachhim
Year: 1970
Singer: Brij Bhusan, Mahendra Kapoor, Shyam Chittar
Lyrics: Santosh Anand
Music: Kalyan Ji, Anand Ji
This songs is being copied and compiled in many movies/serials, so many time, that it became an icon for Hindi devotional music. Any Hindu having a little bit of inclination towards religion will know this song/poem/aarti, if not full at least few stanza.

4: Tu hi mata tu hi pita hai....

Album/Film: Hey Ram
Year: 2000
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Lyrics: Dont Know
Music: Jagjit Singh
Sung and composed by Jagjit Singh, taken from his album Hey Raam. Jagjit Singh is a real talent. He not only mastered in Gazal Singing, but made his impression felt in Devotional songs and Bollywood movies too.

5: Aie Malik Tere Bande Hum....

Album/Film: Do Aanekhein Barah Haath
Year: 1957
Singer: don't know...
Lyrics: Bharat Vyas
Music: Vasant Desai
The movie was a big hit and so was its music (all time classic). Brillant performance by Sandhya and V Santharam made this movie as legend. This song was one of the big hit in devotional category in decade of 70.

6: Suraj ki garmi se jalte huye tan ko....

Album/Film: Parinay
Year: 1974
Singer: Sharma Bandhu
Lyrics: Jaydev
Music: don't know...
Sung by Shamra Bandhu (most people may not be know them). Sharma Bandhu perform/sing on stages. They also perform Ramayan in their own style and raaga. This song is true to its meaning.

7: Hey Ishwer, Hey Allah Hey Data....

Album/Film: Pukar
Year: 2000
Singer: Sharma Bandhu
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar, Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: A R Rahman
When legends gets together they make a history. A R Rahman and Lata, Music and Raaga. Excellent. I had a tough time to place this song at 7. Originally I posted this at no 3. But due to my personal likes and dislike it came a little down.

8: Mai to aarti utaru re santoshi mata....

Album/Film: Jai Santoshi Ma
Year: 1975
Singer: Usha Mangeskar
Lyrics: Pradeep
Music: Arjun C
What is the movie which was screened for maximum no of days??? "Sholay", almost 6 years, continuasly in a theater (Minerva, Mumbai) ( I read in a magazine when i was a kid). And what was the second movie to run for maximum no of days?? Yes you are right. It was "Jai Santoshi Ma". Almost 5 years. There were report that people from villages travelled 20-30 KM, in there bullock cart to see this movie. Sounds Like tirh yatra.. isn't it??

9: Piya Hazi Ali....

Album/Film: Fiza
Year: 2000
Singer: Kadar Ghulam Mustafa, Murtaza Ghulam Mustafa, A R Rahman, Srinivas
Lyrics: Shaukat Ali
Music: A R Rahman
The beauty of this song lies in its music and picturisation. Also this song tells to us that we all might be different when it comes to color, culture and religion but finally we all are created by same. We just call him with different names.

The last but not the least.

10: Maiya mori mai nahi makhan khayo....

Album/Film: Sandhya
Year: Dont Know
Singer: Anoop Jalota
Lyrics: Meerabai
Music: Dont Know

Anoop Jalota is a symbol of "Bhajans". Like Jagjit singh is another name to Gazals, he is same for Bhajans. This song is combination of different raagas. The beautiful explanation given during the song, by Jalota is excellent. Unfortunately i don't know the name of the album. If any one of you know please let me know. I heard this song long back, and still i can feel its meaning and melody in my heart.

That's all for now.
See you soon.
Please forgive me for any statistical error. I did my best to be accurate.


Deepak Jeswal said...

The Song 'Ae maalik tere bande hum' is sung by the one and only and the best Lata Mangeshkar :)


vurity said...

devotional song from saaya.. very good

archana said...

another song worth adding is satyam shivam sundaram frm the movie of the same name,sung by Lataji.

aquarian said...

Tu pyar ka saagar hai from film Seema is another jewel from Hindi Film Industry.

sushilmeshram said...

har taraf har jagah by shreya ghosal from SAYA
is also one of the best

Alok Kumar said...

Rafi's "Sukh ke sab sathi dukh men na koye" is perhaps the most melodious n meaningful devotional song of Hindi cinema.

mast said...

Can anyone tells me from where I can download all the above 10 songs........

mast said...

Can anyone tells me from where I can download all the above 10 songs........

Dj Remix Town said...

valerie said...

"Ishwar allah tere jahan mein Nafrat kyun Hai Jang Hai Kyun ..." is another beautiful song from the film 1947 Earth.